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Health and safety

Health and safety

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Company Commitment
All production operations of Wanwell Petroleum Equipment (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. comply with laws and regulations, and implement industry standards and regulations. Promote good operating practices and provide customers with quality and efficient services in a sustainable manner. Through the implementation of systematic management, it protects people, environment and property from damage, and is committed to achieving the goal of zero accidents.
To achieve the goal of zero accidents, we are committed to:
1. Through measurement, evaluation, reporting and benchmarking management performance, continuously improve the quality, health, safety and environmental protection management system and continuously improve the management level;
2. Implement safety training for all employees to continuously improve employees' safety awareness;
3. If it is considered dangerous, the employee has the right to stop the operation;
4. Committed to environmental protection and cleaner production;
5. Continue to improve emergency management and reduce accident losses;
6. Cultivate a safety culture and share and pass on our safety values;
Management System
The Wanwell HSE management system stipulates the health, safety and environmental standards that we must abide by in our operations. To communicate the HSE Code to all employees, customers, contractors, and business-related third parties, everyone must strictly abide by the HSE Code. The HSE management system model consists of eight related aspects:
· · Commitment, leadership and responsibility
· ·Policy and Objective
· · Organization and Resources
· · Contractor and Supplier Management
· ·Risk Management
· ·Business Process
· ·Performance monitoring and improvement
· ·Check and review
Continue to improve the above aspects through the following inspections:
· ·Daily standards and procedures (control)
· ·Management system (revision)
· · Amendment (improvement) to the management system
Policy statement
The key to Wanwell's service lies in being able to continuously improve the quality of products and services while protecting people and the environment. The focus of work should be on ensuring personnel health, operational safety, environmental protection, and quality improvement. The above commitments are based on the best interests of customers, employees, contractors and the environment in which we live and work.
All employees and contractors are required to make commitments regarding QHSE and assume corresponding responsibilities. Direct management must lead by example in communicating, implementing and ensuring compliance with QHSE policies and specifications. we promise:
· Always committed to safeguarding and working to improve the health and safety of personnel;
· · Avoid quality and HSE accidents;
· · Meet the special needs of customers, and constantly improve to ensure customer satisfaction;
· · Set QHSE performance goals, measure results, make assessments and use effective management systems to continuously improve processes, services and product quality;
· Develop plans for emergencies, emergencies and business interruptions, and be able to respond and recover;
· Minimize the impact on the environment by preventing pollution, reducing the consumption and discharge of natural resources, reducing waste and enhancing waste recycling;
· · Apply our professional skills to all aspects of HSE when designing products and services;
· Communicate frankly with stakeholders to ensure that they understand our QHSE policies, standards, programs and performance.
The above policies should be reviewed regularly to ensure proper application. In addition to the above commitments, we should also comply with the basic obligations of the Wanwell standard and all applicable laws and regulations in the areas where we operate. In this way, we can systematically minimize all losses and create added value for all stakeholders, which is the key to ensuring success.

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