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Top Drive Mechanical Engineer Recruitment


Job Responsibilities:
1. On-site installation, debugging and problem handling of top drive and drilling equipment;
2. On-site service of top drive and drilling equipment domestic and foreign well teams;
3. On-site annual inspection and upgrading of top drive and drilling equipment;
4. On-site overhaul service and workshop overhaul service of top drive and drilling equipment;
job requirements:
1. Under 45 years old, more than 5 years of drilling equipment maintenance experience;
2. College degree or above in mechanical, hydraulic, electrical automation and other related majors;
3. Adapt to business trips at home and abroad for more than 2 months, with basic English communication skills;
4. Free lunch, pay five insurances and one gold according to national regulations;
5. Proficient in the professional knowledge of drilling equipment, familiar with the structure, performance, working principle and fault judgment and elimination of drilling equipment; familiar with the principles and maintenance of drilling electrical equipment, capable of handling electrical faults.
6. Good health, strong hands-on ability, serious and responsible work, teamwork spirit, good communication skills
Top Drive Electrical Engineer Recruitment
Salary: Negotiable
Job responsibilities/requirements:
Work content: installation and debugging of drilling equipment, maintenance, troubleshooting, customer training and related technical support, and coordination of on-site working relationships;
Working hours: State-stipulated working hours or flexible working system; Working place: company workshop or domestic and foreign platforms, drilling site;
Salary: basic salary + travel allowance, pay five insurances and one gold; professional requirements: electrical automation, mechanical and electrical integration and other related majors;
Professional skills: Proficient in high and low voltage power distribution technology, ABB, Siemens PLC and AC frequency conversion control technology; Foreign language requirements: good English, can use English as a working language;
Learning ability: able to self-study the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic principles involved in top drive, learn drilling engineering and professional English; Adaptability: able to work in harsh natural environments, and can adapt to the boring working environment on the drilling site;
Responsiveness: Ability to deal with faults and emergency in an emergency state, excellent psychological endurance; Communication ability: able to properly coordinate and handle the relationship with customers during the work process;
Hands-on ability: hard-working, hard-working, able to solve equipment failures manually, replace equipment wearing parts and consumables; physical conditions: 25-40 years old, without fear of height and good health.

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